We can’t really deny it – being a wedding DJ is one of the coolest jobs ever. We get to stay out late, playing music for couples who are celebrating one of the biggest, happiest changes they will ever make in their life. We’re surrounded by happy guests, who often haven’t seen each other in a while, and are getting reunited over great food in a beautiful atmosphere. We get to provide the soundtrack, helping people make even more memories while dancing the night away. It’s pretty awesome – and we’re lucky to have such a great job. 

However, we try not to get too caught up in being ‘cool’. And we’ve got a good reason for that: 

Being ‘cool’ is about us. Your wedding is about you

We can almost guarantee that there will be guests at your wedding who just don’t care if the music is cool or not. Will your grandma care if we play the hottest remix of a brand new song? I doubt it. In fact, she’ll probably have a better time if we focus on playing something that is special to her – which might mean an old-fashioned waltz, or a Hank Williams song, or maybe even the YMCA. And you know what? We want your grandma to have a great time, as well as everyone else – and we’re committed to playing whatever music it takes to make that happen. 

Sometimes what’s going to make the people on the dance floor cheer is a song that isn’t that cool, or some might call cheesy. When we play at a 13th birthday party, what’s going to give the guests a great time usually means playing One Direction, Taylor Swift…. and probably some more One Direction. If we let our ego get in the way, in most situations it wouldn’t be nearly as fun for the people on the dance floor! 

We may not be the coolest DJs in the business, but we sure love our jobs! It’s our pleasure to make your friends and family dance with a big smile on their faces.

Create Happiness, Knox Vegas DJ’s

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