The music is where the magic happens...

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What is it that makes a wedding completely magical? Is it the venue, the lighting, the food?
At Knox Vegas DJ’s, we believe it is the people you share it with. So, we make a special effort to reach out to all of the guests at the wedding.
Anyone can play music, but not everyone has the ability to create unforgettable moments.
  • We believe in creating an icebreaker. After the initial dances with the bride and groom and their parents, we always start our receptions with an icebreaker song. No line dancing or dances that only a select few know. We start with songs everyone can relate to like, “We are family” or “I like to move it.” This allows all guests to relate to these songs and join the fun right away.


  • We incorporate what we call, “The Snowball Dance.” This simply starts with the bride and groom who pick people to dance with them. These guests then go choose other guests to join them, and these guests then choose other guests, until everyone is dancing. We’ve found it is a great way to get family and friends involved and having fun, and it makes for great pictures!


  • We play songs to appeal to all tastes. We want to make sure all guests feel welcome, so we intentionally play a couple of specialized music choices, such as oldies, to get all generations up and enjoying the fun.


  • We customize your preferences to make the music and the memories uniquely yours. With our downloadable Fun Planner, you can customize your wedding and make it seamless from beginning to end.

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