These days, all businesses are aware of the importance of an active and visual presence online, especially on social media. This is especially important in the wedding industry, which is very visual, and many brides and grooms are using social media to find potential wedding vendors. And we don’t blame them – it’s a great way to see what businesses have to offer!

DJs are different than many other wedding vendors when it comes to social media. A talented cake designer has the opportunity to take good photos of their work after it is completed, but before it is delivered. They can take the time to get good photos and capture every exquisite detail of the beautiful cake that they made, and they totally should! When you’ve spent hours on a piece of work, and you’re proud of the result, you should definitely capture it to include in your portfolio, or at least to share on social media. It’s important to do so – that’s the sort of evidence that potential clients look for when choosing wedding vendors, right? Most wedding vendors are in the same boat in this area, using photos of work for clients to promote their business. However, DJs are different. You can’t really convey how good a DJ is in a photograph