You might think that this is strange advice to come from a wedding DJ. It seems like we’d want people to just cut to the chase and get on the dance floor, right? Well, yes, we do love a lot of time for dancing, but there is an important element of the party that you simply can’t skip out on. One thing that makes a wedding dance different from any other is that it’s a celebration of two families being joined! 

Here’s the thing – when people hear from your family and friends about how special your relationship is, and how unique your story is, it truly puts them in the mood to celebrate. Those ‘warm fuzzies’, and the realization that wow, this day really is special has a strange way of getting a party started. 

There are a few reasons that having speeches or toasts can help kick off a fun night. First, your guests who have only known you as a couple may not have heard how you met, or realized that you’ve been friends since the first grade. Your aunts and uncles have probably met your fiancé at family functions, but they probably welcomed them in to the family without learning some of the unique ways that you two are perfect for each other. 

Secondly, speeches give a bit of a ‘who’s who’ in your lives. When your bridal party is introduced by the MC, with a little bit of info about how you met that person, or why they’re special to you, it gives your guests a portrait of who’s important to you and why – and then guests feel a little more familiar with those people, and are ready to celebrate with them. It’s also important that parents or other special people are acknowledged. Without the introductions and familiarizing people with who’s most important to you, it may keep both sides of the family from getting on the dance floor and boogie-ing together. 

Even if you’d prefer not to have a laid-back wedding reception, be sure to include a few toasts to really get your guests feeling connected to you, and ready to celebrate this special day in your lives. And then, when the time comes to dance, your friends and family will be in the mood to celebrate together on the dance floor – and we’ll be there to play just the right music for the occasion!

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