Wedding Ideas: Honor your Older Guests | KnoxVegas DJ's

You may have seen a tradition where the wedding DJ asks all of the couples to get on the dance floor for a game. As the song plays, first the DJ will ask that the couples that have been married less than a day to leave the dance floor – at this point, people usually chuckle or cheer as the bride and groom make their exit. Next, the DJ will ask that couples married less than a year leave the dance floor, then the couples that have been married less than five years, and so on, until the last couple left on the dance floor is the one that has been married the longest. It’s a sweet game, and at the end of it, the longest-married couple usually gets a round of applause from the crowd. However, the down side to this game is that at the end of it, you’ve made everyone get off the dance floor except for two people! It may also leave some of your single friends feeling left out of the fun. Luckily, there’s a way that you can reverse this game, while still keeping the sentimental charm of honoring the longest married couple, that ends with a dance floor full of smiling people.