For more than twenty-five years, we’ve spent so many Saturday nights at work that we’ve lost count. A lot of people we know think working on a Saturday night is the worst thing imaginable, especially during the summer. Oh, wait, did we mention that during the summer we work Saturday nights and often Friday nights too? Well here’s a little secret about why we still work Saturday nights, after all this time:

We LOVE it!

Really – we have the best job ever! There’s no way we would still be DJing weddings if we didn’t absolutely love it. There are so many reasons that we’d rather be playing music at a wedding than be anywhere else, and today we’re going to tell you our top 10 favorite things about our job!

10 – The People

As wedding DJs, we’re the kind of people that like to be around people. We simply wouldn’t be happy alone in an office for our workday – we much prefer to be in a room full of people. Although it might seem like a DJ spends most of their night alone behind the turntables, DJing is far from lonely work. We get to meet with couples at least once beforehand, and on the big day not only do we liaise with other vendors and venue staff to make the night run smoothly, we also enjoy talking with guests when they make requests or ask us questions.

9 – The Music

Well, I guess this is a no-brainer: we love music! Playing music, getting excited about new songs and pleasing the crowd with old favourites – we DJ because we think music is just plain awesome! We also think music can ‘make or break’ the atmosphere at an event, and we love being the ones to ‘make’ it!

8 – The Love

Working in the wedding industry is working in a world of love and romance. Of course there is stress and organization and to-do lists, just like any other job, but it’s still pretty great to meet a couple that is madly in love. There is just something that makes you smile when talking to an engaged couple and hearing a bit of their love story, as well as seeing them tie the knot, of course!

7 – The Happiness

It is our mission to ‘Create Happiness’ everywhere we go (in fact, it’s our number one Core Value)! Weddings are meant to be one of the happiest days in the life of a bride and groom – we love being part of that, and creating happiness for all of the wedding guests, too!

6 – The Cake!

We’re not going to lie – the food is definitely one of the perks!

5 – Sharing In A Celebration

Because we prioritize meeting a couple face-to-face during the booking process (another one of our core values), when it comes to the wedding day, we’re ready to celebrate with you! It’s a life milestone that’s cause for massive celebration, and we love being a part of that.

4 – We’re Good At It!

If you’ve ever had a job where you just know you’re doing well, you know how we feel! It’s always satisfying to complete a job well done, and that is multiplied when you can see your happy clients dancing in front of you, or when you receive a heartfelt thank you from newlyweds.

3 – All Of The Dancing

It starts with the little ones – toddlers and kids are the first onto the dance floor, chasing lights and trying out every dance move they know. Then there’s the surprise performances and flash mobs. Or, there are the dance circles that form, where people jump in to do ‘the worm’ or ‘the lawnmower’ or whatever silly dance moves they’ve got up their sleeve. I don’t care how many time’s I’ve seen ‘the worm’, somehow it’s still pretty entertaining