How many wedding websites and advertisements have you seen that promise that their product or service will be part of making your big day ‘perfect’? Our guess is that the answer is ‘A LOT!’ It’s a phrase that is thrown around a lot in the wedding industry, and while it seems like a great thing to promise, we’re not as quick to say that our service will be able to give you ‘The Perfect Wedding.’ 

We’re committed to having your music as perfect for you as we can possibly get it, and we have a variety of ways that we make sure that we get there. First, there’s our face-to-face consultation, where we get to know you a bit, and learn what an awesome dance and ‘the best’ music means to you. Then, there’s our online Fun Planner – it’s a very thorough form where you tell us exactly what music you’d like played and when, plus a massive list of songs that you can choose for us to play, or simply select so we have a good general idea of what types of music you’d like to hear. Lastly, there’s our experience level, and our skill in reading the crowd – we’re always paying attention and looking for clues as to how we can use just the right music at the right time to make the night awesome. 

But… your wedding might not be perfect. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one, and already know that without them there will be an irreplaceable element missing from your perfect wedding. Or, maybe you’ve done everything in your power to plan your wedding to perfection but the weather has other plans, forcing you to move an outdoor ceremony inside at the last second? Your wedding probably won’t be perfect, but we do believe that it will be beautiful, meaningful, and memorable, all the same. 

While we will do everything in our power to play music that is ‘perfect’ for you, we can’t promise that we will create The Perfect Wedding. However, it is our number one priority to Create Happiness, no matter what happens on your wedding day.

Create Happiness, Knox Vegas DJ’s

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