We sure love it when we work with a couple whose vision for their wedding entertainment and our core values really ‘click’s. Last month, we had the opportunity to work with one such couple, Jeffery & Kristin, who were tons of fun – we absolutely loved being a part of their wedding celebration! This was a collaboration between the couple and us, the DJ, which really highlights the importance of meeting beforehand, if you are able. Why? For a DJ to be able to create an incredible night on the dance floor, it’s not just a matter of picking the right songs one after another. It is about getting to know you well enough before your wedding that we will be able to give you a service that is personal and meaningful to you. When we’ve had a chance to get to know you, we spend less time on the night of the reception guessing and using trial and error to get the dance floor moving, because we’ve already picked up some clues from you about what will make your night amazing.

Well, it wasn’t just us who thought Kristin and Jeffery’s wedding was a blast – a couple weeks ago we got this feedback from them:

“Knox Vegas DJs did our wedding two weeks ago and we could not have been happier with our choice. They went out of their way to meet with us on three different occasions when it was convenient for us. They are definitely the real deal, after researching some of the top DJs in Knoxville no one compared to them. They still use actual turntables and don’t just hook up an iPod like the other so called “DJs” do. They did everything WE wanted them to do, OUR way even down to how we wanted them to dress at our wedding. They were very reasonable and are willing to work to fit your budget. They kept our party going for 3 straight hours and we danced our hearts out. They sure know how to get the party started and can keep it going no matter what kind of crowd it is. They will always be our only choice for entertainment. If you are looking for a DJ for any occasion you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much for making our special day one we will never forget.”

– Kristin & Jeffery

Create Happiness, Knox Vegas DJ