After the bride and groom share their first dance, it’s common that there will be one or more other special dances to follow. While it used to be common to have a bridal party dance, as well as a father-daughter dance with the bride and her dad, and maybe even a mother-son dance between the groom and his mom, these days couples are choosing all sorts of combinations and alternatives to the traditional special dances. We are more than happy to help you coordinate this part of the night and come up with the perfect dances to get the dance floor pumping.

We will happily create a custom ‘evolution of dance’ mix for you, help you coordinate a flash mob, or even hook you up with choreographed dance lessons so your first dance is polished to perfection. However, we’ve recently started offering a special Mother-Daughter Dance that has created some very special moments at the wedding reception.

Who says a bride can only dance with her father? With the special bond that so many mothers