Today we’re continuing our blog post series where we expand on our core values. These are the foundational values that we run Knox Vegas DJs on, and they inform the decisions we make and how we treat our clients – it’s who we are.

Talking about sales techniques can be a bit touchy, as every company is different, and so is every client – some people are happy to dive into a negotiation about prices, while others would rather see a price list, and just be left to choose. Regardless of your preference, our #4 Core Value speaks less about how we sell, and more about how we want to treat you.

No Manipulation or Closing Sales Techniques

When you request a quote or come in to meet with Knox Vegas DJs, we are committed to a pressure-free experience, and offering a quote with no manipulation. We are most definitely not the type of salespeople who just won’t let you walk away before you ‘seal the deal’. We hate to be treated that way, so we don’t treat you that way! When you meet with us, you can take your time, ask all of the questions that you would like to ask, and walk away to take a day, a week, or even a month or more to make a decision. Can you call us in the meantime and ask questions you forgot to ask during your DJ consultation? Of course!

Here’s the thing. Although we work with many many couples each year, we haven’t forgotten the reality that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and that it likely has a bigger budget than any other single day in your life. We know that the money spent on hiring wedding vendors is no small amount, and you deserve to make decisions without being pressured. Your wedding is too important to have your arm twisted by a salesperson who only wants to make a buck! Unfortunately there are all sorts of companies like that in the wedding industry