Have you ever tried to simply go look at a used car lot? I’ve made that mistake before – I thought I could go see what vehicles were in my price range, maybe ask a few questions, and even take a test drive. Well, I definitely could do those things – but I was doing them before I was ready to make a decision. A car is a big purchase, and I wanted to be able to check a few different options out, weighing the pros and cons before deciding where I’d spend my hard-earned money. 

Big mistake. 

Once I was on that used car lot, there was no way that the salesman was going to let me walk away without signing a contract and forking over big bucks. He knew I was interested, and I did say that I needed a new vehicle, and he was bound and determined to make the sale, no matter how clearly I stated that I was still shopping around. I practically had to wait for a moment where the salesman wasn’t watching, and just make a run for it! 

What does this have to do with hiring a wedding DJ? I need to warn you – when you book a consultation with a potential wedding DJ, you may have to brace yourself for the “Used Car Salesman” treatment. It’s sad but true – some DJs treat your consultation the same way: they will try every tactic in the book to get you to sign the contract and make a deposit, before you walk away. These guys are so desperate to make a booking with you, that they just won’t let you leave before you choose them for your wedding! I’m not sure about you, but I find that kind of treatment frustrating, and it makes me feel less willing to hand over my money. Do they care about what I really need, or do they just care about getting my business? I’m not so sure… 

One of our Core Values is No Manipulation or Closing Sales Techniques. When you meet with us, we guarantee that you won’t get the “Used Car Salesman” treatment. We’ll give you a quote, and access to our Fun Planner, and encourage you to walk away, giving you as much time as you need to make a decision – no pressure! We understand that choosing vendors for your wedding is a big decision, and that parting with your money requires some thought and research. We promise to give you the time and space that you need to make an informed decision – and you can ask us as many questions as you like, without pressure to book our services.

For more information on our consultation process, click here  “Our Consultation” page! We look forward to meeting with you, in a no-pressure environment!

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