It’s not unusual for a wedding vendor to jump in and help out where needed at a wedding. After all, we’re the ones who have done this hundreds of times – we have a tendency to anticipate problems and areas that will need an extra set of hands, because it’s likely that we’ve seen the situation play out before. However, there are a few roles that we DJs often tend to take – and these are usually roles that are otherwise overlooked. 

Event Manager

If there’s no wedding coordinator on site, we’re often the ones that are paying the most attention to all the details that need to come together to make the night run smoothly. We stall while someone runs off to find the missing groomsman to join everyone for the grand entrance into the reception. When it’s time for the first dance, we make sure the the photographer is ready and the lighting is ideal before we let it start – and that’s the venue lighting, not our own. We need to find out – where are the light switches anyways? 

On-the-Spot MC Coach

When we’re not the MC, it’s our job to work with your chosen MC to make sure the night runs smoothly. Often, they look to us to find out how to make a particular announcement, how much notice to give people before speeches start, and we end up teaching them MC 101 as we work with them throughout the night! 

Family Wrangler

At any moment where family members are needed – for speeches, toasts or special dances, it’s pretty common that we can see that the right people aren’t in the right spot at the right time. That’s when we step in, delaying the next item on the schedule until we have ensured that all of the necessary people are ready. As we’re sure you can imagine, it’s not always an easy task! 

Venue Liaison

From making ‘Last Call’ announcements, to ensuring that the staff are ready for dinner to be served, we’re constantly in contact with the venue staff to make sure things go smoothly. In the instance that the MC is ready to have someone say grace, but we can tell that the buffet isn’t quite ready to be served, we step in to manage that so there isn’t an awkward moment. 

These tasks – and a lot more – are all part of a day’s work for us, and they’re some of the ways that we work hard to make your wedding go smoothly, so you can focus on enjoying yourself! Being a great DJ isn’t just about playing the right music, it’s about doing everything we can to make the wedding a great experience.

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