If you’ve read any wedding website advice about having kids at a wedding reception, you’ve probably noticed that it is quite the ongoing debate. There are definitely arguments for both sides, but sadly I’ve heard a few DJs grumbling about kids at the reception, complaining that they disrupt special moments like the first dance, and they just get in the way on the dance floor. We couldn’t disagree more! So many couples we work with are blending families with children, or beginning married life with a child or two already in their entourage. We think that this is awesome, and we are so happy to help you celebrate your marriage with all your little ones present. Of course, there are all sorts of reasons that couples choose adult-only receptions, and we definitely respect that. All we’re saying is this: we will NEVER be disappointed when we hear that there are going to be a handful (or a horde!) of kids at the wedding! Here are six reasons why: