Loving Your Vendors is As Important As Liking Their Work (Almost!) | KnoxVegas DJ's ®

While it seems like the most important part of choosing your wedding vendors is their portfolio or quality of their work, we think there’s more than meets the eye. While their talent is important, we think it’s just as important to choose vendors that you simply love being around. 

When you just ‘click’ with a vendor, and begin to like and trust them, the entire wedding planning process becomes more enjoyable. What you want is to have people on board who are a joy to work with – you want to look forward to consultations and phone calls, and know that you can trust them with the part of your wedding that you have hired them for. Imagine how stressful it would be to dread calling your vendors to ask a question or communicate some important information… that’s no fun at all! To avoid this, make sure you hit it off with a potential wedding vendor at an in-person consultation before deciding to hire them for your wedding. 

Two of the most important vendors to really connect with are your wedding planner and your photographer. First, your wedding planner will be responsible for bringing your vision to life, and incorporating your personality and tastes into your wedding. It’s very important that you like your planner, feel comfortable with them, and are able to trust them with your big day. Secondly, your photographer will be with you the entire day of the wedding – it’s important that you feel relaxed and happy when they’re around. In some cases, they’ll be there from the crack of dawn until the dance floor is pumping! They will also be ‘in your face’ all day, asking you to pose and trying to capture you at your best for your wedding portraits – it’s so much better to go through that with someone you have a good relationship with! 

Lastly, loving your DJ is just as important as any other wedding vendor. In fact, we’d argue that it’s more important. That’s because not only will we be present at your wedding, we’ll be known (and that’s a promise!) We will be playing music, making announcements, interacting with your guests, and talking to everyone that comes up to request a song. The way that a potential DJ interacts with you prior to your wedding is probably very similar to the way they will interact with your guests on the big day. When we really connect with you, you know that we’ll be able to make your wedding reception memorable – for all the right reasons! We would love to meet with you face to face (as we do with all of our wedding clients), and see if we’d be a good fit for your wedding.

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