Thank you to the Knox Vegas Family! | KnoxVegas DJ's ®

We have had an incredible year in 2014, and the first thing we have to say is a HUGE thank you to all of our clients! We couldn’t have done it without you, of course, and it has been a pleasure to get to know and work with each and every one of you. Thank you for your kindness and all of your positive feedback! Being part of your weddings and events was a blast! 

This year, we received 100% positive feedback from our clients – that’s a dream come true! 

However, success like this only comes from a team that works together. Knox Vegas DJs is made up of a team of people that we are simply so lucky to be around! Our DJs are the best of the best (hey, maybe we’re biased…) and we wouldn’t have achieved what we did in 2014 without them! 

First, we’d like to give a special shout out to DJ Dylan who, through hard work and perseverance, was offered a record deal in Los Angeles. He’s now in the big city, working on his new release for 2015, and working hard to see his own dreams come true. He is missed by all of us, but we’re so proud of him, and can’t wait to spin his music on the turntables next year! 

Next, we’d like to give thanks with our whole heart to the team of DJs who have each contributed to the growth and success of Knox Vegas – we’re only as strong as we are together. Much love and respect to these DJs, kicking it old school with ‘two turntables and a microphone’!

– Kelly

– Marta

– Jack

– Sam

– David

– Nick

– Mickey 

Lastly, thanks to DJ Stacey, who keeps our blog going strong! 

We consider ourselves so blessed to keep playing music in Knoxville – thank you to everyone who continues to support us in living out our passion every day!!

Create Happiness, Knox Vegas DJ’s

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