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Today we’re going to elaborate on one of our core values  – Value #2 – “Don’t settle for status quo.”

One thing that is too common in the wedding world is the idea that everyone’s idea of a ‘dream wedding’ is the same thing, that you need certain, specific elements to make a wedding ‘perfect’, and that anything other than what you see in a magazine or bridal fair is simply not right. To us, that is the definition of wedding “status quo”, and we’d love to see more weddings where couples break out of the mold and don’t settle for someone else’s idea of ‘perfect’.

When it comes to choosing your wedding music, when we say ‘perfect’, we mean ‘perfect for you.’ Your wedding music is a great way to show off your personality, and to share your love story with your guests. Your wedding is a celebration of your story as a couple, so give it a bit of character that is uniquely your own.

A wedding DJ’s job is to help you choose the perfect music for your day, and personalize their service to suit your needs. When you’re shopping around for a DJ, if you meet one who isn’t willing to personalize things for you, look out – it’s a clue that they care more about their ego than about your wedding. If you’re not too sure what music to choose, your wedding DJ should be able to ask you a few questions, and start making suggestions that suit you.

In this post, we’ll talk about picking the perfect ceremony music & cocktail music for your wedding, and next week, we’ll talk about dinner music and – of course – the perfect music to keep your dance floor full all night long!

Ceremony Music

Gone are the days where only classical music can be played at a wedding ceremony – there are truly no boundaries when it comes to the soundtrack of one of the most memorable days of your life, and your ceremony music can be as unique as your imagination allows. There are plenty of soft, romantic songs that fit well into a wedding ceremony by artists like Train, Michael Buble, The Plain White T’s, Jason Mraz or Ed Sheeran – to name a few. It’s good to keep the music a bit more subdued during the ceremony, but the processional (walking back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony) is a great time to include music that fits your personality – upbeat or fast-paced music can work well for the processional, as it indicates to your guests that the formalities are over and the celebration is about to start. Why not play a fitting rock ‘n’ roll song, or a romantic R&B or hip-hop song for that moment, if it reflects your personality and tastes? Your wedding is a celebration of two people coming together – make it your own!

If you do want to keep the ceremony more traditional, a great way to subtly show your personality and music taste is to include instrumental covers of your favourite songs. There are plenty of piano or acoustic guitar versions of most popular songs, and The Vitamin String Quartet covers artists from Aerosmith to Lady Gaga to Led Zeppelin, all in a beautiful orchestral style. When you choose instrumental covers of your favourite songs, your grandma probably won’t notice that the song playing during the signing of the register was Weezer, but you and your friends will know, and it will be awesome.

Another way to make your wedding day your own is to include music from your favourite movies and television. I’ve seen a bride walk down the aisle to the Braveheart theme, a couple enter the reception to the Game of Thrones theme song – heck, I’ve even seen a groom walk into the ceremony to the Imperial March from Star Wars! I can’t say it enough – don’t settle for status quo, let your wedding day be a reflection of who you are.

Cocktail Music

The most important thing to know about cocktail music, is that it indicates to your guests just what kind of party they are walking into. There is nothing that sets a ‘tone’ or creates a particular atmosphere quite like music does, but again, this is definitely not a one-size-fits-all thing!

Popular choices for cocktail music include soft, romantic music, like Norah Jones or Harry Connick Junior, but there are no rules saying that you have to stick to what’s ‘popular’. Cocktail music can be upbeat and fun, or from a particular genre or era. If you don’t have any idea of exactly what songs to play, talk to your DJ. A good place to start is to think of the kind of atmosphere you’d like to create for your guests as they arrive at your reception. Would you like them to feel like they’ve arrived at an event where the ‘vibe’ is sweet, romantic and formal? Your DJ will be able to curate the perfect music for that. Maybe you’re more going for a ‘laid back BBQ in the country’ feel – your DJ will know what to play. Maybe you want your guests to walk in and feel like they’ve arrived at the celebration of the century – a good DJ will be able to create that mood using the perfect music.

Stay tuned – next week we’ll post Part Two, where we cover dinner music and the perfect mix of tunes for your dance floor!

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