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As if wedding planning doesn’t take up enough time, effort and money, at the same time you’ll need to plan a honeymoon! Just like booking vendors and purchasing items for your wedding, setting a budget for your honeymoon is a must. If you’re on a tight budget for your honeymoon, that doesn’t mean you have to have anything less than an awesome getaway with your new spouse – there are plenty of ways to save money on a sweet and relaxing holiday after your wedding! Here are some ways to get more bang for your buck when planning a honeymoon.

Cash in the points! Use an airline points card to collect points, then use them to book your honeymoon. When paying for big-ticket bills like your wedding venue, points can be accumulated pretty easily. Just be sure to pay the card off as you go – credit card debt is not a sexy way to start your marriage!

Have a stay-cation. Being a tourist in your own country, state or even your own city can be just as great of an adventure as a trip overseas! Look up local holiday destinations and see what nearby hotspots sound like the type of trip you’re looking for.

Be flexible. Like most aspects of wedding planning, money can be saved if you’re willing to be flexible with your plans. Look at flights for a variety of locations before choosing one – you may find a similar type of trip with a much lower price tag than your original honeymoon plan!

Use a travel registry. Have a fully-stoked home already? Rather than registering for upgrades on your kitchen appliances, register for your honeymoon! Your wedding guests might be more excited to pitch in for the trip of your dreams rather than a new toaster oven.

Find a freebie!

Almost every bridal show or expo has a honeymoon trip giveaway – keep an eye out for these contests and be sure to enter for each one. The odds might not be great, but as they say – you’ve got to be in to win!

Road trip it! Travelling by car can often be way cheaper than flying. If you and your fiancé love road trips, why not make your honeymoon one? Another bonus with this idea is that you can easily visit more than one city, or simply go where the wind blows.

Talk to a travel agent. Just like a wedding planner, travel agents have a wealth of industry knowledge and connections that aren’t available to the general public. Their knowledge of locations could open your mind to a destination you’ve never considered, and with their experience you could honeymoon for a lot less than you planned!

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