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Ever since the original “Evolution Of Dance”, all sorts of people have created their own variations on the original – like Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon, above! Did you know that we have offered help creating a unique Evolution of Dance for our brides and grooms for years? We mix music live on the turntables, and we’d be happy to create a custom mix for you, too! We can either mix it live for you, or record it so you can have it to practice with before your big-day performance. 

There are lots of different ways to create your own Evolution of Dance – it can be anything your imagination (and your dancing skills) dreams up! Here are a few of our favorite ways to turn a wedding dance into something unforgettable for your guests. 

– Start your first dance with a romantic slow song, and then surprise your guests by turning up the speed and switching to an upbeat, fun song. I’ve seen this done really well with a fast two-step – we stopped the slow love song with a record scratch, and then the couple took off to ’The Wind’ by Zac Brown Band, and the crowd loved it! 

– A flash mob! Flash mobs are an awesome surprise for everyone watching, and a fun experience for everyone involved. You can have a flash mob at any point in your wedding – not just for your first dance. And if you’re short on eager dancers, we have a team that can perform at your wedding, too! 

– Both Bride and Groom get a solo song. For the outgoing couples out there, we can create a mashup that includes a song for each of you – so you both get a minute to groove out in the spotlight! Even better – pick a song for each of the members of your bridal party, and they can get in on the fun with their own dance solo. 

– Break into a classic dance. In the original Evolution of Dance video, you can hear the crowd get excited when he switches songs – he is doing some of the most famous dances of all time, and people can recognize them instantly. You can do the same, and we’re pretty sure you’ll get a great reaction from the crowd, too! Bust out some classic dance moves like ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ or ‘Grease Lightning’ – this is a great option for those of you who are outgoing, but think you’ll forget a choreographed dance… you’re sure to get the dance moves right when you hear the famous songs.

– Use an Evolution of Dance to get everyone on the dance floor. We love when a surprise dance ends with a full dance floor, and Evolution of Dance songs are perfect for it. All you have to do is break into a song that everyone knows and loves to dance to, and start pulling a few people onto the dance floor, and the rest are sure to follow. How about ‘The Twist’ or ‘The Locomotion’ – even your older guests will be sure to get in on the fun!


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