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It’s pretty common to hear advice that your wedding venue should be the very first wedding booking you make. However, there can be a benefit to talking to other vendors before making that choice, since many of them have already worked at your venue. DJs are no different – we know the ins and outs of many wedding venues, and would love to share our experience to make choosing a venue much easier for you.

Once you’ve decided what atmosphere you’d like to set, we can make plenty of suggestions for venues that might work for that, and how to best use the space to bring your vision to life. If you know that your friends are going to be eager to get their groove on, and want to allow enough space for that, we can let you know how well that will work in the venues you have on your list. Or, maybe you want awesome music while there are lots of different activities spread out throughout the venue – we can help you plan the layout so you use the space in the best way possible.

We can also help you anticipate and plan for challenges. Each venue has different strengths and challenges, and it’s likely that we’ve already had to find a way to make those elements work for a couple. Lighting can make a big difference at your event, and we will usually know firsthand what lighting is at a venue. If a venue only has fluorescent lights with an on/off switch, you will probably need to rent uplighting or a different lighting solution to get the look that you want. The added cost of a lighting rental may mean that the venue actually isn’t in your budget after all – these are important things to consider before making a deposit.

We also know very well whether a venue is easily accessible for people with disabilities or challenges. We may not have a bad hip, but if there’s no elevator or a narrow staircase is the only entrance, we know about it. Why? Because we’ve had to find a way to get our DJ gear in there! We’ll give you a heads up if the venue you’re considering is going to exclude people with limited mobility.

Lastly, if we’ve played music at a venue, there’s a good chance that we’ve tried the food too! If you want an insiders review on the food, or equally as importantly, the customer service, we would be happy to share our experiences with you.

If you’re still on the hunt for the right venue, it’s not too soon to talk to your DJ. We’d be happy to answer your venue questions and help you find the perfect setting for your big day. 

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