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Why Does My Wedding Dress Look Like a Game of Twister?

Have you ever looked at someone’s first dance photos, and noticed that instead of a pure white wedding dress, it looks like the bride is wearing a twister mat?! No, she doesn’t just have a peculiar sense of style – what you’re seeing is a lighting fail, and that was caused by the DJ. When a DJ has a hefty …

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Join us at the 2015 Rockabye Butterfly Bash

If you’ve been following Knox Vegas for a little while, or if you’ve had a look at our Core Values, you’ll know that giving back to the community is something that is extremely important to us. We love supporting some of the incredible and hardworking organizations that are doing great things and making Knoxville a better place. In March, we’re …

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Ways to Save Money On Your Honeymoon

As if wedding planning doesn’t take up enough time, effort and money, at the same time you’ll need to plan a honeymoon! Just like booking vendors and purchasing items for your wedding, setting a budget for your honeymoon is a must. If you’re on a tight budget for your honeymoon, that doesn’t mean you have to have anything less than …

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Ways to Include Your Parents in your Wedding

While some parents will be majorly involved in the process of planning your wedding,  others may be less involved with the planning, but guaranteed to show up on your big day beaming with pride. Whether your parents are near or far, involved or hands-off, there are plenty of ways to include and honor your parents at your wedding. It would …

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Fun Things to do With Kids on the Dance Floor

As you might already know – we love kids at weddings! The littlest guests are usually the first to get on the dance floor, enticed by the flashing lights and loud music, and are often some of the most enthusiastic dancers.  If you’re expecting quite a few kids at your wedding, let us know – we’d love to plan a …

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Loving Your Vendors is As Important As Liking Their Work (Almost!)

While it seems like the most important part of choosing your wedding vendors is their portfolio or quality of their work, we think there’s more than meets the eye. While their talent is important, we think it’s just as important to choose vendors that you simply love being around.  When you just ‘click’ with a vendor, and begin to like …

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Classic Participation Songs for Your Wedding Dance

For some people, a wedding dance just isn’t a wedding dance without some classic “participation” dances – we all have memories of getting in a circle and doing The Chicken Dance with our loved ones at a big family wedding, right?  These days, there’s a pretty big divide when it comes to these types of songs. Some people consider them …

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