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One of the best ways to honor the special people you have chosen to be part of your bridal party is to give them some extra attention. Sure, they’ll be beside you at the altar, but there are plenty of other ways that you can show them what they mean to you! Here are a few ideas… 

– Share the love! Rather than having the maid of honor do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to planning pre-wedding events, spread the responsibilities out among the other members of your bridal party. 

– Give an introduction. Include a short introduction or bio of each member of the bridal party in your program for the ceremony. Make sure you include a little sentimental touch about how you know the person, or why you’ve chosen them to be such an important part of your wedding. Not only will this give your guests an appreciation for your bridal party, and feel more involved and connected, but it also gives your guests something to read before the wedding begins. 

– Let them shine. If any of your bridal party members are particularly talented, show off their skills at the wedding. Some ideas include poems written and shared at the ceremony or reception, a musical or vocal performance, or even a dance performance – any of these options are sure to be enjoyed by your guests! 

– Tell them how you feel. Rather than having your Emcee introduce the bridal party to your guests during the speeches, have the bride and groom do that task. Use the opportunity to thank your bridal party publicly, both for their role in your wedding, and for their friendship through the years. 

– Have co-ed parties! In this day and age, there’s really nothing stopping you from including the guys in a bridal shower (especially if the groom is just as excited as the bride at the thought of receiving new kitchenware)! A bridal shower can be a laid-back open house that you can invite all of your friends to. Similarly, why not buck tradition and have a joined bachelor and bachelorette party? Having festivities together will help bridal party members get to know each other if they don’t already, and can be a preview of the fun you’ll have celebrating together on your wedding day.

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